Craft is something that belongs to you in a way that nothing else does. You may share your passion with someone else, and provide inspiration for each other, but at it's very core it is a private joy that feeds your soul. It is there for you on the sunny days, the rainy afternoons and in the middle of the night when your worries are keeping you awake. At the same time it can be restful, meditative and exciting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Help - how do you successfully take pics of your cards?

Any advice gratefully received!  As you can tell from the pics I have uploaded so far I am not exactly great at it.  All I can say us thank goodness for photo editing software. =^..^=


  1. The shots you've taken of your pics are fine as they're quite clear and I imagine represent your work realistically. Have you got examples of blogs where you like what they've done to showcase their cards? Check out this following blog - I love this person's creations and her shots are really quite simple. Kris

    Why not just check out a few card making shops on ETSY?

  2. Thanks Kris!! Hmmm, good point, I will have a look at some sites with photos I like - maybe it will give me some ideas. Will check out the blogspot and ETSY in the next few days. ETSY is a bit of a problem though.....I always want to buy every second thing I see.......

  3. Perhaps you could buy every third thing you see?

  4. Hmmm, that sounds like a plan........