Craft is something that belongs to you in a way that nothing else does. You may share your passion with someone else, and provide inspiration for each other, but at it's very core it is a private joy that feeds your soul. It is there for you on the sunny days, the rainy afternoons and in the middle of the night when your worries are keeping you awake. At the same time it can be restful, meditative and exciting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Black and White Challenge

Every now and then when I don't have cards to make for a specific occassion I set myself a challenge.  Like choosing papers, ribbons and other embellishments from my stash that I wouldn't normally put together.  And I play around with different layouts and try things I wouldn't normally try.

So, right now I have set myself a black and white challenge: 20 different card designs using black, white and one other colour only, maybe red, green or yellow.  But mostly, they are to be black and white designs.  So far I have made two, and I will put up the pictures soon.

I don't really know what entices me about setting myself a challenge, but I think that it's something to do with setting small, fun goals.  I mean, there are so many challenges in life that make you invest your body and soul, how about a challenge that is just fun, fun, fun.  And also, it makes me feel less guilty about having such a big stash!!!!!  And it's not like my other craft stashes - those are fairly well packed in boxes and hidden under the bed and in every nook and cranny around the house.  Not so with my card making stash - it's all over the dining room.  So if I don't get creative with it on a regular basis then it just sits there looking at me.  So setting myself a challenge helps me feel less guilty.

How and why do you decide to get crafty with your card making stash?  Just wondering.........=^..^=


  1. It usually takes a special occasion like a birthday or Mother's Day to get me making cards - due to time constraints. I usually have no idea of what I'm about to create, so I get out my stash of decorative papers and stare at them until I can clearly hear one shouting 'Pick me! Pick me!' - and that pesky paper is usually right. Once my paper has elected itself to be made into a card, it will also suggest an appropriate style, so for me it's an interactive process between my ideas/inspirations and the 'personality' of the materials - I definitely feel the materials speak to me on some level. Yes, I know I'm weird. I guess I don't really set myself craft challenges as I'm just grateful when the push of needing to create something drowns out the million other things we have to contend with in life. But I think a craft challenge is a brill idea. Please post images of the cards you've made! Ps. I'm loving this blog - hope to read it very regularly. Kris

  2. So kind Kris!! I think that what you are saying makes perfect sense, and I work that way a lot too. It's a little disturbing when decorative papers start 'talking to you' though.......and usually they are not quiet until you have done as instructed....LOL.

    Interesting, hadn't thought about the 'personality' of the materials before. It's true I think, but I need a bit of time to get my head around it. It is like they have a life of their own isn't it? And how you put them together changes things, not just visually, but somehow in an intangible way. Not quite sure I understand this yet.......

    I started doing the craft challenge thing as a way to keep myself active in a craft sense. In reality, for me anyway, it's all too easy to just ignore that I really need to be creative. If I set myself a challenge then I have committed to something.