Craft is something that belongs to you in a way that nothing else does. You may share your passion with someone else, and provide inspiration for each other, but at it's very core it is a private joy that feeds your soul. It is there for you on the sunny days, the rainy afternoons and in the middle of the night when your worries are keeping you awake. At the same time it can be restful, meditative and exciting.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Meow - Margaret Sherry designs

Margaret Sherry's cat designs are the bees knees.  They're warm and cuddly and you can just imagine kitty curled up on the end of your bed or on your lap while you are asleep on the couch. I have loved her designs for years and the first time I came across them is in a calendar in a cross stitch magazine.  One cat per month, the set is called Catitudes.  My favourite is terribly politically incorrect.  It is a tubby kitty wedged inside a bird cage.  The only evidence of a bird are the feathers trapped in the corner of the cat's mouth =^..^=

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