Craft is something that belongs to you in a way that nothing else does. You may share your passion with someone else, and provide inspiration for each other, but at it's very core it is a private joy that feeds your soul. It is there for you on the sunny days, the rainy afternoons and in the middle of the night when your worries are keeping you awake. At the same time it can be restful, meditative and exciting.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Number 12 in the black and white challenge.  I find green hard to work with and this olive doesn't have the zing of a bright green.  I always like using corrugated card and I had exactly the right shade to tone with the olive ink.  A very simple card of course: five layers and four brads.  It's the first time that I have used a stamp that stamps a negative image.  I like it a lot, and I like that it isn't meant to create a perfect image.  I guess I would use this as a 'thank you' or a sympathy or a 'thinking of you' card. =^..^=


  1. Wow, this is another combo I wouldn't have thought of - I don't think it matters that the green isn't a bright shade. The corrugated card certainly adds dimension and I love the reverse image stamp. I'm very impressed with your creativity - you have such a fabulous imagination. I'm so glad you've created this blog - I just love it!!! K
    ps The last card was interesting too - it's good to step out of our comfort zone.

  2. Awww, you're too kind. The stamp is an acrylic one that came in a set and I never thought anything much about it before. But I really like the effect too, and there was another one in the set that should be fun too. They would be perfect for an 'inchy' design (I think that's what they are called). I'm glad you're reading =^..^=